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Eastrend Enterprises, Inc. is an international corporation which was established in 1993. Eastrend began by general import-export trading and investment in the U.S. real property and securities markets. Beginning in late 1994, Eastrend further expanded its business by importing Asian food products such as canned and dried food products, beans, and grains for resale in the United States.

Since then we have grown into one of the leading primary agricultural importers of California. Over time, it became apparent that our greatest asset is supplying the world with high quality peanuts, peas, and other food-based products. Our head office is located in the San Francisco Bay Area with branches in China, Hong Kong and throughout Southeast Asia. Having our headquarters in California enables us to provide our clients in the US with the highest quality products at the most competitive prices.

We have large distribution throughout California and we are looking to expand further into the U.S. Currently, Eastrend primarily imports blanched peanuts and bean vermicelli from Shandong, China. When compared to other peanuts, "Delicious" brand, the type that we import, have worldwide recognition as superior. This is due to the high level of quality control and processing techniques. With our network in China, we are able to provide this exceptional product to wholesale markets at very reasonable prices. Also, we work very closely with our clients to ensure that quality standards are met. We have played strong and varied roles in this trade and we understand that flexibility is key to client relations.

Recently, Eastrend has begun to export Canadian whole yellow peas to Asia and is exploring ways market peas and pea products in the U.S. Also, we are able to provide red-skin and in-shell peanuts to non-U.S. based customers. This represents Eastrend's flexible commitment to the changing markets, by supplying the best, low cost products to the world. All of these elements form our long term goal which is to continue growing as a dynamic international corporation and to continue to play a significant part in the always expanding global marketplace.

Eastrend sells its peanut and vermicelli products under the Delicious label. We have been proudly using this name since 1996. Customers are now assured that any product with the Delicious brand is of the highest quality.

An exciting new business for Eastrend is the exportation of California wine to China and other International markets. Eastrend has compiled one of the strongest portfolios from many of the fine wine making regions/appellations in all of California. This venture into the International Beverage market enables our customers to benefit from the strong relationships that Eastrend has forged with these wine producers. Due to our buying power, our customers can purchase wines at lower prices than purchasing direct from the wineries themselves. We look forward to building relationships with wine importers throughout the world!